Introduction to Collaborative Design for Publicizing Research: Designing a prototype for an arduino based sound installation

2018-2019 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Foundations Development Program
Number of Students: 

This research program introduces skills in creative collaboration and research publicity through the synergetic design practice of an arduino based sound installation proto-type to be exhibited on the islands and the ports of Istanbul. The sound installation will use the sound data of the digital platform- an open and interactive sound data archive of the living (anthropologic, bioacoustic, and other biophonic) and non-living entities (geophysical, mechanic, urban and so on). The project proposes the idea that a collaborative and interactive data collecting and sharing method can enhance active listening and contemplation through participant’s engagement in field and autobiographical recordings, and later when tagging the recordings conceptually as they copy the recordings to the server. Methodologically, the project brings together ideas from various arts, digital humanities, geography and sound studies paradigms and tools of cybercartography, mapping, audio ethnography, sound design, storytelling, soundscape ecology, soundwalking, oral history, auto-ethnography, qualitative research interviews and community development.
The proposed PURE project aims to bring together students from various backgrounds who are interested in:

  • Participatory, community based, collaborative arts and technology practices
  • Gaining experience in basic programming and electronics
  • Thinking through particular questions, challenges and opportunities that digital technologies raise for research in the social sciences, humanities, and arts
  • Data visualization, research accessibility and research publicity
  • Building cross-disciplinary research networks, facilitating creative collaboration, and advancing collaboration based teaching practices
Related Areas of Project: 
Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design
Cultural Studies
Political Science

About Project Supervisors

İpek Oskay Project - Founder and Coordinator
Department of Sociology,
University of Alberta
Kerem Bora
Visiting instructor
Foundations Development Directorate,
Sabanci University
Mehmet Kuru
Foundations Development Directorate,
Sabanci University
Miray Özkan
Project coordinator and City Planner
Kartal Urban Development Association