Early Warning System For Quality Control

2018-2019 Fall
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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The project is a data analytics project. A major appliance manufacturer company needs to identify if there is any problem in the production line based on the customer service requirement data.
The data on hand is basically the date of production, the date of sale, the date of installment and the date of customer service request for individual appliance. There are two major tasks that should be attained by using data analytic tools. First of all, a customer service requirement forecast should be obtained. Note that the demand for customer service has seasonality, is influenced by the batch that it was produced (i.e., production month) as well as the age of the appliance (i.e., current time-the installment time). Secondly, based on outlier detection approaches if there is anything wrong in the recent production (due to a change of subassembly used in the product, change of supplier, etc.) the developed system should red flag and warn the quality department about the problem.

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Computer Science and Engineering
Industrial Engineering

About Project Supervisors

Kemal Kılıç (kkilic@sabanciuniv.edu)