A microhistorical approach: Case-studies from Early Modern Ottoman World

2018-2019 Summer
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Foundations Development Program
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Microhistory is a methodological approach in historical studies. In this approach, the focus is always on the individuals, certain groups and/or particular significant moments. The subjects are investigated in order to contextualize inclusive problematique related to contemporay social, cultural, economic or political instituions. In the scope of this PURE, students will be part of the research process of a microhistory project on the subjects of Ottoman Empire. As one of the requirements of this project, a certain number of readings will be assigned to the students and there will be meetings to discuss these assigned readings. Discussions will be led by the project supervisor and in these meetings, theoretical and analytical framework will be drawn for the subjects of the project. As the second step of the project, students will be asked to conduct a research on the assgined topic to practice this methodological approach.
N.B. Basic Ottoman Turkish reading skill is necessary,

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Mehmet Kuru