Flexible, Printable Electronics and Micro Devices

2018-2019 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Number of Students: 

There is growing interest in making electronic devices and circuits that are flexible.
This project is about developing new technologies for flexible electronics which involves multidisciplinary research on novel nanomaterials and integration of those to conventional microelectronics processes to build functional devices.

Related Areas of Project: 
Electronics Engineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering

About Project Supervisors

Murat Kaya YAPICI, Ph.D.


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Electronics Engineering

Sabanci University

Orta Mahalle, Tuzla 34956, Istanbul, Turkey


Email: mkyapici@sabanciuniv.edu

SU-MEMS: http://mems.sabanciuniv.edu/