Route Optimization of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Logistics Operations-1

2018-2019 Summer
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Route Optimization deals with determining the most efficient delivery (and/or pickup) routes in logistics. The problem arises in almost all sectors involving the transport of goods or people and is known as the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) in the Operations Research literature. In this project, we will address a relatively new variant of VRP where the fleet consists of electric commercial vehicles. We refer to this problem as Electric VRP (EVRP). Electric vehicles have significant advantages in logistics with their zero-emission engines and low energy costs. However, their high cost of ownership, limited driving ranges, and long recharge durations pose important challenges. These challenges can be prevailed by planning their operations more effectively. Hence, it is important to develop good methods that deal with additional complexities of EVRP.
The goal of this project is to develop and implement an effective algorithm to solve an EVRP type. The students are expected to be proficient in a computer programming language. Familiarity with linear programming and CPLEX or similar optimization solvers is an asset.

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Computer Science and Engineering
Industrial Engineering

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Bülent Çatay
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