Visual Analytics for Cultural Heritage

2018-2019 Summer
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Visual analytics is an outgrowth of the fields of information visualization and scientific visualization that focuses on analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. This definition is from Wikipedia, a contemporary and digital source for textual data. In Cultural Heritage most of the data sources are not digitized and therefore it is not possible to run visual analytics tools to look for unknown information. A recent motivating example for such an effort is the colossal project Venice Time Machine ( ) In this project we are going after the Fall of Constantinople / Conquest of Istanbul. We will try to build software tools to capture essential data from digital resources such as Open Street Maps, Wikipedia and also to create new digital data from books such as Osmanlı İstanbulunun Toplumsal Tarihi. ( Our goal will be first to create a data lake to collect all possible structured and unstructured data on the event and later on try to build a visual analysis tool to present collected datasets. An example tool is

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Computer Science and Engineering

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