Nanocomposite ionic conductors and surface-salt matrix interactions in solid state

2018-2019 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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The research topic is nanocomposite ionic conductors based on oxide particles dispersed in an amorphous salt matrices used as electrolyte materials in Fuel Cells.
Despite the model system is used for fuel cell electrolytes, the concept is universal for all ionic conductors. The responsibility of the researchers will be the 
investigation of oxide surface -matrix interactions and the influence of these interaction on the ionic conductivity  of the composite. the techniques involved in the research program
are powders synthesis, iso electric point measurements, composite fabrication, sintering, electrical measurements, (including but not limited to impedance spectroscopy) phase and microstructural
studies (including but not limited to XRD, SEM, EDS) thermal analysis (including DTA TGA), 

Related Areas of Project: 
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering

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