Micronutient Fortification of Vermicompost

2019-2020 Fall
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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This project involves fortification of vermicompost through addition of mineral micronutrients such as Fe, Zn, Mn or Cu. Vermicompost is a valuable organic fertilizer and soil stabilizer used in production of high-value crops and also in organic argiculture. Vermicompost is produced by the breakdown of organic feed by the function of earthworms. It is generally accepted as a rich source of plant nutrients. This project aims to increase the value of the vermicompost product through fortification with micronutrients. It is hypothesized that the bioavailability of the added mineral micronutrients in the worm feed will be enhanced through the vermicomposting process. Controlled experiments will be designed and run in the greenhouse to produce vermicompost with or without micronutrient addition. The vermicompost products will be tested for performance in meeting micronutrient requirements of crop plants such as wheat and maize.

Related Areas of Project: 
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering

About Project Supervisors

Levent Ozturk
P: +90(216)483 9613
E: lozturk@sabanciuniv.edu