Design and Physical Testing of Impact Attenuator For FSAE Racecar

2019-2020 Fall
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Each automobile has an impact attenuator to protect driver’s life. This attenuator is a device intended to reduce the damage. Attenuator absorbs the kinetic energy of the collision. Thanks to that, major damage that can affect the driver, prevented by this system. This project aims to manufacture an IA that is cost-effective for FSAE car. Aim of this study is to provide lightweight, cost-effective Impact Attenuator made up from Aluminum or composite honeycomb or other non-conventional energy absorbing materials for FSAE cars. Project includes literature survey about the crashboxes and impact attenuators which are currently using in automotive industry, investigation of experimental test methods of crashboxes, base model design of the crashbox in terms of Formula student competition rulebook. Perform finite element analysis using LS-Dyna software and interpretation of the results in terms of peak deceleration and total energy absorption. Manufacturing of formula student impact attenuator. Experimental drop test of manufactured IA.

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