Personal Password Guesser

2019-2020 Fall
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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In this project, we aim to test how public appearance of a person affects his/her password selection. To do so, a software tool will be developed. This tool will make a search (through social media sites or in general the Internet) about a person and will generate a list of candidate passwords. Of course, this list is just candidates. To check the correctness, another tool will be developed and integrated. The second tool will test the candidate passwords accross publicly available hacked databases (via or other websites that publish leaked password files). In the previous term, some studies have been completed about the feasibility of this ideas. However, no complete result has been achieved yet. This semester, the project group will continue where the previous group has stopped. 
To talk more about this project and make a pre-inquiry about your suitability, you can write to Albert Levi (

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Computer Science and Engineering

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