Creating a Database of Astrophysical Sources

2019-2020 Spring
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Foundations Development Program
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Our research focuses on identifying and analyzing short-lived astrophysical events, observed with NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.  We use a large observational database of an instrument (GBM) on board Fermi, to search for such “transient” events, and each event found in the search must be categorized and identified.
In this project, the students will be compiling and creating a database of known astrophysical gamma-ray transient sources of all types, and creating an web-based interface for accessing the database.  Such a database is crucial for correct identification of the transient events found in our search. The students will also learn introductory astrophysical data analysis. An experience with Python coding is required, and an experience with html/SQL is preferred.

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Computer Science and Engineering

About Project Supervisors

Yuki Kaneko Göğüş

Ersin Göğüş