Managing Brand Portfolios

2019-2020 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
School of Management
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The arrangement and structure of brand portfolios speak volumes about why some branding strategies succeed, while others fail. Accordingly, this project empirically explores the outcomes of branding strategies considering economics of brand portfolios, relative brand equities, revenue synergies, and effective allocation of marketing budget among brands.
We will utilize a variety of data sources for this empirical investigation. The data includes weekly sales, advertising spending, sales promotions (price reductions, feature, and displays), product attributes, and owner information for SKUs sold in multiple stores and product categories. We will also collect firm-level accounting data.
Students are expected to work on data cleaning, data collection, and preparation. Throughout the project, students will get familiar with some frequently used marketing datasets (e.g., store scanner data, advertising data), improve their data acquisition and integration skills required for quantitative marketing research. Students need to have basic skills in Excel.  Experience with SPSS and Matlab will be helpful.   

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Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Business Analytics

About Project Supervisors

Baris Depecik, School of Management