Understanding Socio-Technical Design Principles of Platform Type Organizations

2019-2020 Summer
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School of Management
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This is part of research that is carried out on Platform type organizations such as AirBnB, Uber, spotify, yemeksepeti, hepsiburada, trendyol, iyzico.com, nesine.com and the like. The platform type organization is an autonomous technological and digital constellation that embodies a business model and enables a transaction that would not be possible as efficiently and spontaneously without it. Althoough the technological aspects are known to be advancing yet the social system requirements are ambiguous at best or not adequately understood. What we know about the nature of socio-technical systems in industrial type or knowledge type organizations are simply not matched with platform type organizations. There is not enough emprical research on the  bread and butter of organizations such as coordination, control, communication and conflict resolution. The project will consist of developing a framework for the Socio Technical systems approach, questions to ground it,  interviewing the developers, managers and users of the platform, analyzing the interviews, drawing conclusions from the results, forging ideas on developing such organizations, trying to anchor the findings in the literature and writing a report/paper on it. Interested students can come from any relevant area indicated before but must have a genuine interest in the topic and in doing research. The professor will make the necessary arrangements for the interviews to be made and the give the appropriate training to the students to carry out qualitative research.

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Industrial Engineering
Business Analytics

About Project Supervisors

Oğuz Nuri Babüroğlu, oguz.baburoglu@sabanciuniv.edu, Arama Chair of Action Research, School of Business
John Selsky, Washington Institute of the Future  jselsky3@comcast.net