Grief Adjustment among Bereaved Parents

2019-2020 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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Loss of a child is one of the most traumatic events a person may experience. Because bereaved parents have both psychological and physiological problems after child loss, it is crucial to identify the factors that increase their grief adjustment (decrease in grief level and depressive symptoms, increase in posttraumatic growth). The aim of the proposed project is to investigate the associations between marital quality, positive emotions and grief adjustment.
In this project, data will be collected from bereaved parents by an online cross-sectional survey first and a seven-day longitudinal intensive method afterwards (again online). Students working in this project will be expected to assist the Project Supervisor in both the preparation of assessments and data collection. Given the high sensitivity of the topic, being interested in the topic is of utmost importance for the students to take a part in the project. Because the students will be involved in the data collection process, students with high levels of conscientiousness, extraversion, and resilience are recommended to apply.
Students working in this project are required to be native Turkish speakers given that the data collection will be carried out in Turkish.

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Cultural Studies