History, Politics, and Entertainment: Featuring Mehmed II on Screen

2020-2021 Fall
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Foundations Development Program
Number of Students: 

The project explores the current uses of the image of Mehmed II as reflected in film and TV productions. We aim to observe the relation of such uses to the popular political arena. It traces the covert political messages in three different interpretations of the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans in 1453 on screen between 2012-2020. Fetih 1453 (The Conquest 1453), an epic action film, released in February 2012 relates the events during the siege eventually leading to the fall of the city. Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi (Mehmed: A World Conqueror) is a TV show aired on a major national channel which was released in March 2018. Narrating the growth and ambitions of Mehmed II, the story ends abruptly in the conquest of Istanbul. Cut short with only six episodes, the show leaves several storylines unresolved. Unlike the first two, Rise of Empires: Ottoman, a docudrama released in January 2020 by Netflix, is an international production targeting a global audience. Student researchers are expected to examine the selected productions and political agenda items for in-depth analysis.
The ideal project team will consist of:

  • One member to evaluate visual aspects of representation - preferably a fourth-year VACD student
  • One member to work on data management - preferably a third or fourth-year CS student
  • Three members to work on data gathering and analysis - preferably third or fourth-year CULT, POLS, IS student

The project is fully online.

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Computer Science and Engineering
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design
Cultural Studies
Political Science
International Studies