How to build a better mask for COVID?

2020-2021 Spring
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Number of Students: 

Experts and health officials around the world agree that the COVID pandemic is not going away for a while, and masks are going to be a part of our lives for protection against the infection and spread of  the virus. Currently, the masks that we use are not very comfortable and do not provide 100% protection. A better mask design with more effective materials can provide comfort and safety. In this project, you will conduct research to understand the physics behind the spread of desease through aerosols; and effectiveness of various materials on filtering the aerosols, deactivating its virus content and providing comfort. 
This multidisciplinary project brings biology, material science and fluid mechanics together. Students from these backgrounds are welcome to apply individually or as a team. Please contact for more information. 

Related Areas of Project: 
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering