Organisational perspective on the use of artificial intelligence (AI)

2020-2021 Spring
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School of Management
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Organisational benefits for using artificial intelligence (AI) have been acknowledged in the literature, one of these being substitution/automation of human jobs, including both low-skill and high-skill jobs (e.g., Chui, Manyika & Miremadi, 2015). However, less is known about the reasons for organisations adopting or not adopting AI, and how AI might influence their operations and employees (availability of jobs versus automation, skills required to work with AI). The purpose of this research is to identify organisations that are using AI and to explore their AI experiences, the impact this may have on human resource management (HRM) function, as well as motivation to adopt AI (both, driving and inhibiting factors, such as society expectations). With this objective in mind, the focus of this paper is on identifying and reviewing journal articles as well as organisational annual reports that provide information related to organisational experiences of using AI.

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Jane Maley
Professor of Management Associate Editor- International Journal of Management Reviews