Gender Statistics of the Late Ottoman Empire

2020-2021 Summer
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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This project is an addendum to Project titled Gender Statistics in Turkey (2019-20 Summer, co-coordinated by Zeynep Gülru Göker and Alpay Filiztekin)
The aim of this project is to prepare gender statistics for the late Ottoman Empire (19th-century to the early republican era) to describe changes in Ottoman society from a gender equality perspective. Sex and gender-disaggregated data will be compiled from existing data sources from different regions (transcribed and published primary sources as well as secondary studies), and statistics will be prepared to show changes over time in the condition of women and men, and girls and boys, in various areas such as education, health, labor force participation, occupation, income and wealth. The project aims to enhance research skills regarding the preparation of gender statistics and increase knowledge on gender data sources, gender equality monitoring methods, and explore historically grounded regional disparities in gender relations. Knowledge of MS Excel is required.

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Cultural Studies

About Project Supervisors

Hülya Canbakal, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,,
Alpay Filiztekin, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,,
Z. Gülru Göker, Gender and Women Studies Center of Excellence,,