Establishment of Retinitis Pigmentosa Reporter Mouse Models

2021-2022 Fall
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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This project is connected to our gene therapy approaches which require complex retinal degeneration models for fast and efficient analysis of our gene therapy applications. For that, we obtained different retinal degeneration models that has early and late degeneration profiles. These are rd1, rd10, rd2 and P23H mouse lines. Rd1 and rd10 mice have different mutations in the Pde6b gene and the rd2 mouse carries a mutation in the Prph2 gene. P23H has a dominant negative rhodopsin mutation that induces rod degeneration  Each of these models have distinct properties and will help us to evaluate our neuroprotective therapies in different disease models.  We are crossing these animals to  our reporter lines to establish a new  reporter disease model. Project wll require extensive genotyping and animal handling. These are combinations of several complex and sensitive procedures. Project location will be both Sabanci and Gebze Technical Universities. Animal certificate is required for succesful applicants.

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Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering

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