What guides attention in working memory: Precision or internal attention?- Group 2

2021-2022 Fall
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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What we hold in mind, or in working memory, involuntarily guides attention in the external world. Recently, a debate has started regarding what aspect of working memory representations is the driving factor behind this attentional guidance ability. One theory suggests that items that are internally attended also guide attention in the external world. According to another theory, items with high representational quality guide attention in the external world. However, typically, an item that is internally attended also has the highest precision. This makes disentagling the two theories challanging. This project aims to carefully dissociate internal attention from representational quality to contrast these theories and explore what feature of working memory is responsible from its attentional guiding abilities.
This is an ongoing project that is in the data collection stage. Joining this project would mean that you will contribute to the collection, analysis, and interpratation of behavioral data.

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Eren Günseli
Faculty of Arts and Social Science