EEG frequency tagging dissociates the contribution of different categories on memory encoding: An EEG study

2021-2022 Spring
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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When forming coherent episodic memories, people bind visual “samples /elements” of the world by shifting visual attention (Tulving, 1983). In the TriangleFT project, we aim to investigate how coherent representations are formed by interaction of different elements (face, object, and place) of events. In this regard, we will use EEG frequency tagging method to investigate the neural processes of building episodic memory representations in natural viewing behavior.
This is an ongoing project that is in the stage of pilot data collection. By joining this project, you will contribute to the development of experimental setup (coding on Python), implementation of EEG method, testing participants and data collection, the data analysis (coding on MATLAB), and interpretation of both neural and behavioral data.

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Computer Science and Engineering
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
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