Motion integration in visual system

2021-2022 Spring
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Number of Students: 

The motion cues in our visual environment are incredibly complex. The visual system has to combine the local motion cues that belong together, as well as to separate those that do not to create a meaningful, coherent interpretation of the motion information. Using frequency-tagged EEG, we are investigating the neural dynamics of such integration and segregation processes in motion perception. You will be mainly expected to assist with data collection with EEG. You might also get put in charge of collecting behavioral data. Overall, this project is a great opportunity if you would like to learn more about neuroimaging studies and gain experience with EEG.
- Being able to come to the EEG laboratory several times a week (We expect you to do lab work at least 3 hours a week).
-Being willing to carry out tasks that require manual labor (e.g. preparing EEG equipment for experiements, cleaning equipment after usage)
Desired but not required:
-Coding skills, mainly MATLAB and Python
-Experience in machine learning and data analysis

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Computer Science and Engineering
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
Electronics Engineering

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