Development of imagery tests

2021-2022 Spring
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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The overarching goal of this ongoing project is to investigate and measure individual differences in the processing of visual information in the ‘mind’s eye’, or visual imagery. The project is based on cognitive/neuroscientific approach, which distinguishes between object imagery (processing the appearance of objects in terms of their shape, color, texture etc.) and spatial imagery (processing of spatial relations, locations, and spatial transformations). We will design new or modify existing tools to measure object and spatial imagery.
Specifically, it aims on to develop tools assessing individual differences in visual imagery and produce a set of validated imagery assessments. This includes further improvement of the already existing instruments  as well as design and validation of new surveys and objective tests. New instruments can be used for future research, as well as for testing and training visual imagery skills in children and adults, including people with extreme imagination (dis)abilities. Imagery assessments will be developed and made freely available for researchers and practitioners. 
This research will have applications for improving the quality of life of people with extremely poor, or extremely vivid, imagery. It will facilitate future imagery research, and inform the design of innovative technologies and educational practices tailored to individuals’ imagery abilities.
The project may be fully online. 
If you join this project, you will be expected to do a literature review on this topic, be involved in the discussion and design of new experimental stimuli and preparation of new experiment.
- Strong interest in the topic of imagery
- Photoshop skills
- Artistic skills
- Creativity
- Readiness to contribute for at least 3 hours per week
- Strong interest in cognitive psychology
- Strong writing skills (in English)
- Academic writing and especially literature review experience  
- Research experience
- Readiness to contribute for at least 3 hours per week
Desired but not required:
- Programming skills

Related Areas of Project: 
Computer Science and Engineering
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design

About Project Supervisors

Olesya Blazhenkova