Double Tail Surfactants Synthesis for Nano-Lipids Formation and Potential Application for Vaccine Formulation

2021-2022 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Number of Students: 

In this project we are planning to design and synthesis of Gemini (double tail) surfactants for nano-lipids formation and mRNA encapsulation. In this purpose we are planning to synthesize four different thype double tail surfactants (nonionic, anionic, cationic and zwitterionic) and characterize their chemical structure and functionality by FT-IR and two-phase titration. Than  comparison of their micelles formation will be studied by using dynamic light scattering method. 
Students will learn how to synthesize and characterize  surfactants, and micelles formation for mRNA encapsulation. The project open only for Material Science, Bioengineering, Chemistry and Chemical engineering students. Candidates should have chemistry Laboratory experiences. Project open for only max 2-3 participants.

Related Areas of Project: 
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering

About Project Supervisors

Yusuf Ziya Menceloğlu
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences