Social Psychology x Human-Robot Interaction 2.0

2021-2022 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Number of Students: 

How do humans interact with each other? How about with robots? In this TUBITAK 1001 project, we empirically examine (1) how the theories of intergroup behaviors in human psychology can be applied to human-robot interaction, and (2) whether behaviors observed in human-robot interaction transfer to human-human interaction or vice versa.

We will conduct an experiment in which a human and a robot interact with each other. We use Pepper by Softbank Robotics (see pictures below or here for more information). The project takes an interdisciplinary perspective using theories from psychology and methods from computer science, communication studies, and other related fields. As such, students from different fields are encouraged to apply. Students will be responsible for literature review, setting up the experiment, conducting the experiment, and coding the data.

Required qualifications:

  • able to stay and work on campus for the duration of the PURE Project
  • interest in social psychology, human-robot interaction, and cognitive science
  • intellectual curiosity and the ability to learn new skills and knowledge independently
  • team player who is eager to help others and is not afraid to ask for help
  • moderate to advanced communication skills in English

Desirable but not required qualifications:

  • research experience in psychological experiments
  • programming skills in Python and/or other languages

If you are interested in applying to this project, please write to Drs. Junko Kanero ( and Çiğdem Bağcı ( in the same email in addition to apply through the PURE system. 

Related Areas of Project: 
Computer Science and Engineering