Automatic Transcription of Ottoman Turkish Documents using Deep Learning Technologies- Group 1

2021-2022 Summer
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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This PURE project is designed as a part of an ongoing research project titled "Akis: Ottoman Transcription Tool Project" which is led by Mehmet Kuru, Berrin Yanıkoğlu and Fatma Öncel at Sabancı University. The project aims to develop deep learning-based document segmentation and handwriting recognition technologies towards the automatic transcription of Ottoman printed documents and handwritten manuscripts. Given an Ottoman document written in the Arabic-Persian alphabet, the system to be developed will return the transcription into Turkish  words, written with the Latin alphabet. The scope of this PURE project is limited with the compilation and the preparation of the selected printed Ottoman texts in accordance with the basic transcription standards. These texts will be used as training, validation and test data set for the system and the results will help to develop the targeted Ottoman transcription tool.
Pre-requisite: Reading knowledge of Ottoman Turkish is required.

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Mehmet Kuru
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Fatma Öncel
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Berrin Yanıkoğlu
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences