Exploring the Use of Data Mining in Manufacturing

2022-2023 Fall
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School of Management
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This project aims to explore the use of data mining in manufacturing by conducting a systematic literature review.
In the scope of the project, students will review the literature to find and analyze the studies in which data mining has been used to solve different manufacturing problems. In the first step, after finding and reviewing relevant survey papers, a framework for presenting the manufacturing problems and data mining tools is to be developed. In the second step, the literature will be reviewed to find the relevant papers. Depending on the number of papers found, the scope of the manufacturing problems to include might be narrowed down. In the third step, each paper will be summarized in terms of the studied manufacturing problem and usage of the data mining tool. Finally, the data will be visualized in terms of both the studied manufacturing problems and used data mining tools, and a critical assessment of the findings will be summarized.
This project requires a descent interest in learning about different manufacturing problems and data mining tools. The project enables the students to develop their skills to take initiative and perform open-minded inquiry. The nature of the project is pretty "tedious" and might be appealing only to senior students who are considering graduate studies such as a PhD or an MSc with Thesis.

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Computer Science and Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Business Analytics

About Project Supervisors

Tevhide Altekin
Sabanci Business School