Identifying and Measuring Personality Traits that Makes Entrepreneurs-Group 1

2022-2023 Fall
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School of Management
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We are designing an online experiment for see how entrepreneurial traits such as risk attitude, persistence, individual thinking change based on training. To do this, we first need to create an online tool that includes various games that measure each of these concepts. The student will work with the professor to help design, code, implement and test these online games. Together, we will read cutting-edge academic research, and try to design online games that can capture the psychological concepts that are found to be essential to entrepreneurs. 
We are looking for 3 students that can cover one or more of the skills and expertise required for this project:

  • Psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Python (advanced)
  • Experiment design 
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About Project Supervisors

The project is run by Assistant Professor Kerem Kilic, Sabanci Business School.