Congruency effects in perception of face angularity and curvature

2022-2023 Fall
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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This project aims to examine congruence effects in perception of angularlity and curvature by using face stimuli  (i.e., those with angular features such as sharp cheekbones, larger jawbones, and straight eyebrows vs. circular in appearance, with round jawline and chin, and without major angles or edges) in different visual (i.e., angular vs. rounded frame) and multisensory (i.e., harsh vs. soft voice) contexts. 
This project will include several steps, and this semester we will focus on literature review, discussing experimental design, preparing stimuli, and collecting data assessing the perception of those stimuli (i.e., angularity of faces and frames, harshness of voices). At this stage, data collection can be done online. Next, we aim to examine these congruence effects (e.g., matching face with a frame) by using more advanced lab-based methods such as 1) frequency-tagged EEG, which allows  investigating neural dynamics of integration processes in perception, 2) binocular rivalry, which allows  investigating fluctuations in perceptual interpretation, or 3) eye-tracking, which allows investigating eye movements during the perception of stimuli. 

If you join this project, you will be expected to do a literature review on this topic, discuss the studies in the literature, design new experimental stimuli, and prepare the experiment.
- Strong interest in cognitive psychology and the topic of visual perception
- Readiness to contribute for at least 3 hours per week
Desired but not required:
- Programming skills
- Photoshop skills
- Artistic skills
- Strong writing skills (in English)
- Academic writing and especially literature review experience  
- Research experience


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Computer Science and Engineering
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design
Cultural Studies

About Project Supervisors

Olesya Blazhenkova
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Nihan Alp
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences