Design And Development Of Surgical Tools

2016-2017 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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This study presents a design of a multifunctional laparoscopic appendectomy device that includes three surgical instruments commonly used in appendectomy; Endoloop, endobag and scissors. It collects these three independent surgical tool in a single device. The main reasons behind it is to avoid changing the devices several times during the operation. The presented multifunctional laparoscopic appendectomy device offers more practical use in comparison to individual devices.
Multifunctional laparoscopic device is used 1.2cm diameter and 53cm length sheath to cover whole laparoscopic instruments together. Instruments are taken out separately. Thanks to this process, other ports are free to use. The gear mechanism that provides that edge of different instruments can be taken out whenever surgeons want in a safe manner. Thanks to that, it is prohibited problem of finding place repeatedly. The suggested system is effective, easy to use. Also, device is single use and budget friendly based on the materials that are used in production of device.