Tunneling Time Delay Across A Josephson Junction

2022-2023 Spring
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Tunneling Time Delay Across A Josephson Junction
The goal in this project is to estimate time delay during tunneling across a given Josephson junction. Josephson junction, the fundamental unit in various quantum computer models and realizations,  is a superconductor-insulator-superconductor junction across which Cooper pairs tunnel. The problem is to estimate tunneling probability and tunneling time across a given barrier. The project will explore this problem systematically by a coherent research activity of the team members. The main lines of investigation are as follows:
1) Quantum tunneling (basic concepts, calculational methods)
2) Quantum tunneling time (existing models, experimental data)
3) Cooper pairs (basics of superconductivity, pairing of electrons)
4) Josepson junction (basic properties, quantum measurement device)
5) Tunneling time delay across a Josephson junction
6) Possible effects of tunneling time delay for future quantum computer performance.
The project team will have weekly meetings to study the topics above systematically. 

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Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering