Testing and performance evaluation of textured grinding tools

2022-2023 Summer
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Grinding is a commonly used manufacturing process for improvement of surface quality. These  processes involve some difficulties due to high heat generation caused by high tool-work surface interaction resulting in problems such as surface burn, high residual stresses, micro-structural changes, surface cracks etc. One effective solution to these problems is to use textured grinding tools which have empty sections reducing the contact area and thus the heat generation. These tools can be produced by several methods such as laser ablation or welding and brazing where CBN abrasive grits are either removed or attached to the main body of the tool to achive a specific pattern determined using simulations. In this project,  performance of the tools will be tested and their effectivines will be determined using several measurements such as force, temperature and surface quality. Wear of the abrasive tools will also be measured and monitored. Weak areas  will be determined and solutions for improvement will be developed. 

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Computer Science and Engineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering

About Project Supervisors

Erhan Budak