OAM (vortex) antennas

2022-2023 Summer
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Electromagnetic orbital angular momentum (OAM), also called radio vortex wave, has captured widespread research interest in recent years. The OAM provides a new freedom degree for information modulation. Theoretically, the OAM possesses infinite different modes, which are mutually orthogonal and propagate independently in space. One can increase the data throughput using multiple OAM modes from a single antenna radiating in the same conical shaped physical space.
In this project, a single antenna with multiple ports which will support OAM 0, +1,-1,+2,-2 modes will be designed, manufactured and will be used to show the increase in the data transmission with these modes. Further, OAM modulated signal propagation will be shown also using MATLAB.
The students should know basic Electromagnetics and will learn how to use EM softwares such as HFSS, ADS during the pure project.

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Electronics Engineering

About Project Supervisors

İbrahim Tekin