Language and Cognition 2023

2022-2023 Summer
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Number of Students: 

How does language interact with the way we think? The research question intrigued scholars in different fields for a long time, but the debate has not settled yet! 

In this project, we will conduct multiple experimental studies to empirically explore the relation between language and non-linguistic cognition such as attention and memory. We plan to collect data from different language backgrounds (e.g., Turkish, English, Japanese), and age groups (e.g., young adults, elderly adults, and children), though the specifics of population will be dertemined later. Students will be closely working with the supervisor and graduate students and be responsible for various aspects of research such as theoretical and methodological discussions, recruting participants, conducting experiments, and coding data. Students must be able to work for the duration of the PURE Project (or beyond) though they make take turns to have their time off. 

Required qualifications: 

  • interest in psychology, linguistics, cultural studies, and cognitive science
  • intellectual curiosity and the ability to learn new skills and knowledge independently
  • open to new experiences and able to adapt to new and/or changing circumstances
  • highly comfortable in social interactions and can contribute to participant recruitment
  • team player who is not afraid to ask for help, can take feedback, and is eager to help others
  • moderate to advanced communication skills in English

Desirable but not required qualifications:

  • able to stay and work on campus for the duration of the PURE Project (but online option is available too)
  • research experience in online and in-person psychological experiments
  • experience in digital designs and social media management
  • programming skills in Python and/or other languages

If you are interested in applying to this project, please frist email to Dr. Junko Kanero ( with the title "PURE Language and Cognition 2023" in addition to apply through the PURE system.