Impact Measurement of Tweets

2017-2018 Spring
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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This project will focus on measuring the real impact of a tweet/topic on Twitter. The number of retweets does not provide enough information itself to measure the real impact of tweets/topics. Instead of retweeting an original tweet, users sometimes prefer to copy/paste and post the referenced tweet as a new post, or type almost same tweet with some short additional comments. In some cases, different users may type the same tweet (the same sequence of characters) just by chance. All these cases are not part of the original retweet measure, so that we propose a new definition called as "Hidden Retweets" which enables us to measure the impact more accurately.

However, capturing "Hidden Retweets" is not an easy process. It requires algorithmic skills and advanced data-structure knowledge. For that reason, having taken CS300 is mandatory.

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Computer Science and Engineering

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