The concert of short-term and long-term memories

2023-2024 Fall
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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Topic: Attention and memory are two cognitive functions vital for human behavior. We need to attend to relevant information while ignoring distractors. Likewise, what and how we remember affect our grades, daily routines, and personal interactions. Various questions reagarding memory and attention are being explored in the Memory, Attention, & Cognitive Control Lab led by Dr. Eren Günseli. This specific project will be on how short-term memory and long-term memory exchange information to optimize human behavior and neural metabolic cost.
Responsibilities: Students will be expected to contribute to collecting data from human participants in psychology and cognitive neuroscience experiments, join weekly project meetings, and write a final report on the project topic and their roles in the project.
Info: For more information on the lab and topics, you can explore our website and instagram account

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Eren Günseli