Face Perception

2023-2024 Fall
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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The visual system has to combine what, where, and when information that belong together, to form an episodic memory. Using frequency-tagged EEG, we are investigating the neural dynamics of such integration processes in visual perception. You will be mainly expected to assist with behavioral and EEG data collection. Overall, this project is a great opportunity if you would like to learn more about neuroimaging studies and gain experience with data collection/analysis.
When forming coherent episodic memories, people bind visual “samples /elements” of the world by shifting visual attention (Tulving, 1983). In the TriangleFT project, we aim to investigate how coherent representations are formed by the interaction of different elements (face, object, and place) of events. In this regard, we will use the EEG frequency tagging method to investigate the neural processes of building episodic memory representations in natural viewing behavior.
-Coding skills, mainly MATLAB and Python. Knowing signal processing, ML, and MVPA analysis is a plus.
-Being able to come to the laboratory several times a week (We expect you to do lab work at least 3 hours a week).
-Being willing to carry out tasks that require manual labor (e.g. preparing EEG equipment for experiments, cleaning equipment after usage, debriefing participants, etc.)

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