Dance is an art in motion!

2023-2024 Fall
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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This project is in its very early stages. Here, we are curious about the internal representation of dance movements. What are the properties of stimulus when you imagine a ballet movement? How is the motion represented in our brain? What do we predict? How are we similar or different in terms of internal representation of dance movements? Are there any differences in predicting movement between naive and experts? If you find these questions fascinating this is the project you should be in! 
-Coding skills, mainly MATLAB and Python. 
-Being able to come to the laboratory several times a week (We expect you to do lab work at least 3 hours a week).
-Being willing to carry out tasks that require manual labor (e.g. preparing experiments, cleaning equipment after usage, debriefing participants, collecting behavioral data, etc.)
-Being proactive, networking abilities, being able to negotiate, convince experts to participate
-Being willing to go to dance studios, talk to professionals (balets), and collect data samples.  

Related Areas of Project: 
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design

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