Disaster Relief Logistics & Humanitarian Supply Chains- Group 2

2023-2024 Fall
Faculty Department of Project Supervisor: 
School of Management
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This project is the continuaiton of Summer PURE proejct, but you can also join as a new member. 
The research question we are trying to answer is: How can we improve the disaster relief logistics for Istanbul based on the lessons learnt from Kahramanmaraş?
The project work includes scientific literature review, review of public and legal documents, interviews with the stakeholders of Feb 6th disaster, downloading textual data (from interviews) and converting them into quantifiable measures, data analysis, visualizaiton and database management. 

Related Areas of Project: 
Computer Science and Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Political Science
Business Analytics

About Project Supervisors

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Raha Akhavan-Tabatabaei