Synthesis and Processing of Boron Nitride Nanostructures for Composites

2023-2024 Spring
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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Exploring the intricate structures of boron nitride (BN) in materials science holds significant promise for advancing technology. BN nano/microstructures, comprised of alternating B and N atoms, exhibit outstanding mechanical, thermal, thermomechanical, and electrical properties, coupled with robust chemical and thermal stability. Notably, recent emphasis has been placed on specific BN nano/microstructures, including BN nanotubes (BNNT), BN nanofibers (BNNF),  BN microfibers (BNMF), and BN nano/microparticles (BN-NP, BN-MP).
Integrating BN nano/microstructures with polymers and/or other ceramics has the potential to yield formidable structural composites, dielectric insulating materials, and more. However, the comprehensive exploration of these possibilities is hindered by challenges in synthesizing and processing BN nano/microstructures and effectively dispersing them within composite matrices.
This project aims to address these hurdles through the utilization of various synthesis techniques to produce BN nano/microstructures and optimize their dispersion within composite matrices.

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Electronics Engineering
Materials Science ve Nano Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

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