Generative Conversations Dojo: Crafting and Amplifying Climate Narratives through Theory U

2023-2024 Spring
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Foundations Development Program
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Generative Conversations Dojo is a project aimed at honing communication skills in the context of the climate crisis. We will be using the Theory U methodology while actively crafting and sharing stories that resonate with the urgency and complexity of our environmental challenges. Generative Conversations Dojo recognizes the power of stories to drive positive change and aims to equip students with the communication skills needed to navigate and contribute meaningfully to the discourse on climate issues.
Learning by Doing
This project is designed as a hands-on learning experience. It is after all a dojo- place where you go to work on yourself with others. Through active participation, you'll not only grasp theoretical principles and also internalize them by applying them to real-world communication challenges.
Key Learning Objectives

  • Deep listening: Cultivate the art of deep listening, a fundamental skill in communication. Understand how listening shapes our understanding of the climate crisis and contributes to meaningful dialogue.
  • Crafting climate narratives: Learn to tell stories that resonate with diverse audiences, conveying the urgency, impact, and potential solutions related to the climate crisis. 
  • Empathy in communication: Develop empathetic communication skills, acknowledging different perspectives on climate-related issues. Empathy is a bridge to effective collaboration, a crucial element in addressing the complexities of the climate crisis.
  • Co-creation of strategies for positive change: Apply Theory U's methodology to co-create communication strategies for addressing climate challenges. Understand the power of collaborative storytelling in fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective impact. Explore how positive and constructive communication can drive engagement and mobilize communities for climate action. Theory U encourages a forward-focused approach, aligning with the project's goal of fostering positive change.

Why You Should Join

  • Real-world impact: This project goes beyond theory. By actively participating, you'll contribute to shaping narratives that can drive positive change in the face of the climate crisis.
  • Communication skills for impact: Develop communication skills that are essential in today's world. Whether you're engaging with peers, policymakers, or the wider community, these skills will be invaluable.
  • Theory U in action: Learn about Theory U not from textbooks but through practical application. Experience its transformative potential in the context of real-world challenges.

Join us in co-creating better climate narratives.


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