Segmented memories of a continuous world

2023-2024 Spring
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Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
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Although humans experience the world continuously, their memories are segmented into distinct events. An example of this is remembering two instances that belong to a dinner event being closer in time and more strongly associated with each other than between two instances, one from the dinner event and the other from the walk to the dinner. This effect is true even when controlling for the duration between these two instances. However, humans often acquire information about past events. Thus, an important question is whether the temporal structure of these segments is open to change, such as when your friend tells you that you passed by your favorite actor while walking to dinner. This experiment will explore this question using behavioral experiments.


- Students are expected to spend at least 6 hours/week. Approximately 4 hours will be spent on data collection, 30 minutes on the weekly project meeting, and 1.5 hours on reading and data analysis.

- Interested students are encouraged to reach out to Eren Günseli to describe what motivates them to participate in this project and their current level of research experience.

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