Power Meter Design

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2018-2019 Summer
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
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High-speed analog-to-digital conversion is required by trends in many commercial and research electronic applications including high speed serial links in data centres, cellular communication systems and subsystems, and electronic testing/acquisition instruments. One of the most important application areas of high sampling rate ADCs is  wideband communication systems such as WiGig and 5G. A 6-8 bit resolution and at least 2 GSPS sampling rate is required for these applications. It is also important to have energy efficient low power ADCs to be used in mobile devices using wideband communication systems.
Comparator and bandgap reference circuits are two key building blocks of the high speed ADC. A low power and low noise comparator with a very fast comparison time is required for high speed ADC applications. On the other hand, for the low noise operation of the ADC, bandgap reference circuits that generate temperature-independent and process-invariant bias voltages are crucial.
In this project, these two important building blocks of the ADC will be designed, simulated and verified.

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Electronics Engineering

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