Fall 2022-23 Final Reports Submission

Dear PURE Students,
I hope this email finds you well.
As the deadline for submission of the final reports/articles (December 26-30), we want to inform you that the system is open now. You can kindly upload your final reports.

Final Reports;

To submit your final reports, please follow the instructions below;
1.     Login to your pure.sabanciuniv.edu account,

2.     Go to 2022-23 Fall Project List
3.     Find your project and open its page,
4.     You will see a red button titled "Add Report",
5.     Upload your file before the specific deadline,
6.     Do not forget to click on save.
To delete an uploaded file:
1.     After logging in, go to 2022-23 Fall Project List
2.     You will see "view" and "edit" buttons, click on "edit"
3.     Click on "remove" button
4.     Again, click on save
5.     Then, you can upload the correct files following the first instructions
Important notes: It is enough for one project member to upload the files and please save your files in PDF format before uploading. Please save your files with the names of your project.
You can upload final reports between December 26 and December 30, 23:59. 
Please do not forget to write all the names of the project members to your final reports.
If you have any questions, you can contact us via pure@sabanciuniv.edu.
Best Regards,