Important! Check Your Spam Box

Dear PURE Students,
You can find the announcements regarding email deliveries below. Please kindly check your spam box.
Dear Sabancı University Members,
As you are also aware, we are facing email delivery issues since a few days. Some of the messages are being tagged as SPAM and delivered into the SPAM folder though both the sender is legitimate and there is no fraud typical content in the message body. On the other hand some of the messages are delivered to inbox but with containing such an alert “This message was not sent to Spam based on your organization's settings.”
We are in communication with Google Support, Google E-mail Engineering Team, Google Turkey HQ and local Google Solution Partners and trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible but we can not predict an exact solution date for this.
During this period, we highly recommend you to check your SPAM boxes regularly to be able to access legitimate messages and do not hesitate to contact us if you feel any suspicious activity or situation.
An additional announcement will be made when the problem has been resolved.
Thanks for your understanding.
Information Technologies

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