Program Facilities & Requirements for 2020-21 PURE Summer Term

Program Facilities & Requirements

  • PURE program is open only to undergraduate students, including Sabancı University students as well as domestic and international applicants during summer program.
  • Duration of PURE Summer Program is 8 weeks.
  • PURE 2020-21 Summer Program will be held online. However, changes in the program flow can be expected due to the extraordinary period.
  • Students can apply up to 6 research projects, which are announced by Sabancı University faculty members and researchers, in an order of precedence and in accordance with their research interests.
  • Students are assigned to the projects they selected as a result of the evaluations done by the faculty members/researchers.
  • Students receive a certificate of participation upon completing the program successfully.
  • Students are expected to have good academic standing and adequate knowledge of English which is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of their projects. The expected level of language and academic success may change according to the demands of the project and faculty member/researcher.
  • Registration for the program is free of charge for the students admitted to the program.
  • Sabancı University students who are enrolled either in Summer Internship (PROJ 302, PROJ 300, PROJ 303) or more than one course in Summer School are NOT eligible for PURE.
  • For non-SU students, PURE may be accepted as internship upon approval of students' own universities and departments.
  • Students are expected to make a presentation about their research in the specified date in parallel sessions. Each of the students must attend their own session (Each session contains 3-4 research presentation).
  • Students are expected to attend at least 3 seminars during summer term.


Requirements for Certificate- PURE Summer Program:

  • There is an obligation to continue the projects.
  • Students are required to make project presentations on the specified date.
  • Students are required to upload their final reports to the system on the specified date.
  • Students should upload their posters to the system on the specified date.

** Students are expected to attend at least three of the seminars.
Students who do not fulfill the conditions that exists above will not be able to receive a certificate.