Student Presentations Detailed Information

Dear PURE Students,
All presentations will be held 10th and 11th of August.
Participation is mandatory.
Each group will prepare only one presentation.
Please send your ppt presentation to until 9th of August, 17:00. The name of the document must be your project name- only write the project name-.
Before the presentations, we will ask all groups to determine who will share the screen during the presentation and ask you to let us know. In order to avoid confusion, one person can share the screen, but more than one person can present in order (You must arrange this within the group), you can inform us until 9th of August, 17:00 regarding who will share the screen during presentation by clicking the link. This is important because the name that you have stated will be a co-host to share the screen. (Only state a name in excel sheet).
If you have questions, you can contact us via
You can see all details regarding presentations below;
1.       Presentations will take 10 minutes including Q&A,
2.       Presentations will happen through Zoom and the links will be shared with you a day before,
3.       The students will make their presentations by sharing them from the screen sharing section, then they will end the sharing and the next group will share the screen,
4.       You can kindly check following useful link regarding technical issues;
Link 1
5.       There will be a total of 4 slots,
6.       Each student will have to join his/her own slot, also if you wish you can join all presentations and ask questions.
7.       There will be a total of 4 links,
8.       Announcements will be made to all students (anyone who wants can listen to the presentations even if they do not have their own slot),
9.       A person can also be a spokesperson in groups who wish, however all group members have to attend the presentation.
10.   Students who will not be able to participate in the presentation should notify the reason to their supervisor, if the supervisor approves, they may not participate by giving us information, but participation is mandatory, (This is for important/urgent cases).
11.   Supervisors do not have to attend the presentations, but they are invited.
12.   Attendance will be taken for each slot.
The links will be sent to you via email.
Your presentation date and time will be sent to you via email.
Presentation template and presentation guideline will be sent to you via email.
If you have any further questions beside these, you can send an email to
Best Regards,