Seminar on Writing for Publication by Daniel Lee Calvey

Dear PURE Students,
Tomorrow, 29th July, we have a seminar on Writing for Publication by Daniel Lee Calvey. You can find the details below,

Seminar:  Writing for Publication 

Speaker:  Daniel Lee Calvey

Date & Time: 29 July, Thursday, 10:00-12:00

Abstract: Universities worldwide typically expect faculty members, and increasingly their advanced students, to publish their research and develop a publication record.  But why do we publish?  In what forms and contexts do we publish?  What is different about writing for publication genres?  What does the publication process look like?  In addition to discussing these preliminary questions, this seminar will highlight considerations and habits that can enable publishing success.  Journal article sections will also serve as examples to demonstrate how we can develop our genre knowledge to produce our own manuscripts for publication.

** Participation link will be shared with you via email.

Have a nice day!