PURE Project Call for 2023-2024 Fall Term

Dear Faculty Members and Researchers,
As part of the "Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE)" we are waiting for you to submit your 2023-24 Fall Term project entries between 21st August and 29th August, 14:00.
You can easily add your projects through; PURE Website> SU-net Account Information> Add Project> 2023-24 Fall steps.
For PURE, you can prepare a new research project or you can add your on-going projects to the system for more than one PURE Term. If you have an active project in Summer Term which you plan to continue in Fall Term, you must add your project to the system for Fall Term too.
We believe that students, who take part in your research projects, will be prospective M.Sc. and Ph.D. students of our University.
If you need any assistance regarding project entries, you can kindly send us the project details to PURE Team, we can easily add your project to the system.
Also, you can kindly reach Fall calendar from the link below;

If you have any questions or need support, please contact pure@sabanciuniv.edu.

Thank you for your contributions.
Details About PURE Fall Term

  • PURE is open to all Sabancı University undergraduate students during Fall Term.
  • PURE Fall 2023-24 Semester will be held on campus in physical conditions. 
  • A project can be opened for more than one semester. However, you must add your project for each semester through the “Add project” tab.
  • PURE aims to result in concrete outputs.
  • One final report will be prepared for each PURE project and students upload their final report to the system.
  • At the end of the Fall Term, a certificate of completion will be presented to all PURE students.