PURE 2022-23 Spring Term Applications

Dear SU Students,
Sabancı University Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE), is now accepting students for the 2022-23 Spring Term.
Sabancı University Program for Undergraduate Research aims to start equipping undergraduates with state of the art scientific research skills and to start preparing them for successful graduate research, R&D and professional careers at an early stage.
To apply for a PURE 2022-23, Spring Term Projects, check out the proposed projects from PURE Website.
You will apply PURE 2022-23 Spring Term through the system.
You can kindly click the link to apply. After log in to the system with your SU-net account, you can apply via the apply now button. 
Deadline for application is February 3, 2023, 23:59.
After your application, supervisors will invite you for an interview. Applicants will be assigned to projects on the basis of project supervisors' approval and applicants' project preferences.
For the 2022-23 Spring Term Project List, please click here.

  • Changes in the program flow can be expected as we are in an extraordinary period.
  • PURE 2022-23 Spring term will be held face to face.
  • Students can apply up to 6 research projects, which are announced by Sabancı University faculty members and researchers, in an order of precedence and in accordance with their research interests.
  • There will be only an online application.
  • There will be interviews that will be held by supervisors.
  • You can only apply with sabanciuniv.edu email addresses because PURE Fall and Spring terms are only open for Sabancı University Students.
  • You can only apply through the system, please do nor directly contact your supervisor. They will invite you for an interview.